Framed Embroidery

My story is one of the unknown. My twin sister and I are adopted, and we know nothing about our biological parents. To be honest,  I'm not particularly interested in knowing about them at this point in my life. We were adopted into a wonderful family who has taken care of us and loves us just the same as anyone biologically in the family tree. From a very young age, our parents told my sister and I that we were adopted. They always told us, "Someone else gave you life, but we give you love," and my mom is proud to call us her "gifts from God." My parents received this framed piece of embroidery as a gift after we were born and it has been joyfully displayed on the wall of our house ever since. It serves as a reminder of how lucky we all are in this situation.
Not knowing my cultural heritage wasn't something I really thought about until school projects on family history came around. Even though I knew that my parents would be glad to tell me about their families' backgrounds, I also knew that it wasn't truly my heritage. Today, it doesn't bother me that I don't know my cultural background because I am so happy to have a family that loves me so dearly. I may not know my biological ancestry, but I know my family's heritage, and that's what matters to me.

Place(s): Saratoga County, New York
Year: 1991

– Janet Evarts

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