A Meaningful Picture

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This was the beginning of a new life.
This was the beginning of a new life.

It never occurred to me that a photo could symbolize the start of a new life in a different place. My parents’ story starts in Guanajuato. My mom and dad met, fell in love, and in the end, they got married. It never occurred to my mom that there was a possibility for her to live in a location that wasn’t her home state however,  my dad had that idea in mind. Before they got married my dad would come for a “season” to work and then go back to Mexico to finally marry my mom. He really thought there was a possibility for a fresh new start, a place to raise a family and it worked. What they hadn’t realized was that they would leave their family behind completely because there was no going back any time soon. It was a risk they decided to make and sometimes there are occasions where they said it was worth it but during holidays is where they wished they hadn’t left. At the end of the day, to them, and most importantly to my brother and I, it was worth it. All the sacrifices my parents made were worth it.  

Place(s): Guanajuato
Year: 2001

– YR

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant