The Story of Red Feather

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My object is a book, The Story of Red Feather, which was a gift to my father from my great grandfather. He gave it to him because he wanted my father to be reminded of our Native American background. The Story of Red Feather is an adventure story about a young man and his little sister who live in the west during the 1800s. When this young man returns home with his little sister, he learns that a rather large group of Native Americans is headed their way. When the Natives arrive, one of them, named Red Feather, slides down the chimney and explains that he means no harm. This particular Native American is hated by the others because he believes in peace. This book reminds my family of my great grandfather who has passed away. The book was passed down from him to my dad, and then to me. For my entire family, it has become a symbol of our culture because culture is a very important part of who I am. It has helped me retain my Native American history and along with that, a culture that I may not know much about, but is still a part of who I am. This old, beaten up book may not look like much, but in my eyes it is a priceless family artifact. The story of how the book was passed down from my great grandfather to my father to help him understand his culture reminds me that our generation needs to help the younger family members to cherish and respect their past.

Year: 1943

– FA.

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