My Maraca

In Fun

This object, the “maraca” was given to me by my grandpa when I was two. A maraca is hollow container filled with beads or pebbles that is used to make music in many Latin cultures. My family and I took a trip to visit him in Puerto Rico during Christmas time. We felt that the family should play music on Christmas day. When it was time to open our gifts there was one gift that said “From Grandpa, to Rosie”. I opened it and it was a maraca, so I that I could play music with my family. We sat at the dinner table after eating and I sat on my grandpa’s lap and we played music. My family would laugh at how I would shake the maraca and hold it. I am very thankful to have this because it reminds me of the Puerto Rican traditions my family does every year, and the traditions we came from.

– Rosemarie Rapisarda

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