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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Roll of film
Roll of film

This film’s past was from 2003, from my family and it’s homeland, the aestheticly pleasing Dominican Republic. This film includes 23 pictures in which you would need some sort of light or a reel to be able to see it. These pictures represent fun and memories in which Rafaela Luna quotes “Yes, It’s the only copy that I have and it shows memories… “After I asked, “What were you doing in these pictures”. My godfather, Marcos Morales, inserted a long piece of film in a Canon Camera to get ready for the long aventourous day in Bani, Peravia. In this film it shows our grandfather picking up Mango’s “En el Monte” and my family in the river bathing.According to Rafaela Luna she also states, “In these photos we are in the river in Peravia and then we went to the “monte” to pick up corn and more.” This is the only evidence of a certain time in my family’s life were they had no worries and were just having a good time. Also, In this time I wasn’t born so this is a piece of evidence that I can pass on in my family if I want to. 

Place(s): Bani, Peravia
Year: 2013

– L

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant