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Glove, ball, bat
Glove, ball, bat

Dominican’s greatest passion is baseball. After the United States, the Dominican Republic has the second highest number of baseball players in Major League Baseball (MLB). Some of the Dominicans players have been regarded as the best in the game such as Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and Robinson Canó. The sport first turned competitive in the 1920s when baseball games began being played against neighboring countries. Which encouraged the establishment of the Dominican Republic League. Four baseball teams were formed: Las Aguilas cibaeñas, Tigers del  Licey, Leon del Escogido and Estrellas Orientales. Today there are two additional teams in the country’s professional baseball league: the Azucareros del Este and the Gigantes del Cibao. Each season extends from the end of October through February, with the winner advancing to the Caribbean series. At the series, the winning team of the Dominican Republic league play against the champions of other neighbors countries leagues.  

This sport connects to my identity because is part of my culture. Baseball is part of me and my family. My father, my uncles and grandparents used to be in a team where they played just for fun. Every year, in the winter league baseball season our family reunite to watch our team play Las Aguilas Cibaeñas. Baseball is something that maintains my Dominican spirit alive. My father and his passion for baseball made me realize how incredible and fun baseball is. Baseball represents me and what I like to do.

Year: 2008

– Laura Acosta

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