The story is taken back to in China, when we were persecuted by the Chinese government and family plan. This is what made my mom led us move to the America in 2010. As we moved to America there was trouble coming as well. Since my mom didn’t get educate in China, this made it hard for her to find a job in America. There were only some places that accepted her application, but the work was very hard in those places. Now, my mom is working in a restaurant at Brooklyn, she works from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm just to get $70 dollar per day. Which only makes $2000 per month, she has to do anything during the work time, when there have many dish, she have go to wash them, if the floor is dirty, she have to clean it, if the garbage is full, she have to take it outside, and there is many other things she have to do. There is no time for her to relax, only during lunch time and dinner time. Most of the time my mom feels unhappy, she think it’s not enough for her to get pay, but she doesn’t complain about it, she says “I need this job to support my family, I can not just let you dad support the family of himself”. She always tries to find another job but the answer still the same, people doesn’t want the uneducated people to work in their places. This shoes was most meaningful for my mom, when she was first day start doing the job at America, she buy this shoes, in past of the five years, she wear this shoes to job every time.

Year: 2010

– DianChao Jiang

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