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My grandpa in WWII
My grandpa in WWII

My grandparents liked to be called Americans with Mexican decent. Their education in school was different from today. During their childhood they learned to hide the language from the schools so they would not get beat with a paddle. At the time school rules were to speak only English and Spanish was just for home. My grandmother was punished during school if she spoke Spanish, with the trauma she faced during her childhood she did not want the same for her children. I feel many other people can relate to my story and have similar stories, that they feel they lost part of the culture to fit into what society norms of only speaking English. I feel it is a shame when knowledge of knowing another language is undermined and deemed unworthy. My grandparents are proud to be called Americans and still able to enjoy their telenovelas and listen to Mexican music. Hopefully one day I can understand the language to enjoy just not the beat, but the context too.

Place(s): california

– Brittany mosqueda

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant