Relationship: Im/migrant
First time visiting my dad
First time visiting my dad

This is a picture of my dad; he lives in Ethiopia about six hours south of Addis ababa the capital of Ethiopia. In small village in the Sidama region. I was about two when my mother died so my father I think he need another person to take care of the us. So I had a stepmom that was very abusive and mean to me and my siblings. In recent years I've learn that my village called her the devil or that she was possessed with a demon. My dad took the opportunity to put me and bother up for adaptations because he thought we would have a better life elsewhere. So I was taken to an orphanage somewhere in Addis ababa but my brother ran away from the authorities so it was just me going to the orphanage. I was adopted by two white parents and they also adopted girl; we were taken to America.

Place(s): Ethiopia

– AS

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant