The Ring of a Mother

In Attire
Platinum ring w/ princess cut diamonds
Platinum ring w/ princess cut diamonds

18 years ago my mother said yes to my father, 16 years ago my mother gave birth to my sister, 2 years and 10 months later I arrived. I’m 13 now and growing everyday. Everyday for 18 years, my parents have been together. Since i was a little baby I always knew I wanted that in my life, it inspired me to be a good person. My father was at a point in his life where he felt stable. He had a secure job that he was comfortable with and thought it was time to take the big step in his relationship. So he decided to ask my mother to marry him. He knew what he wanted because my mother saw a ring similar to the one that she has now while they were out on a date. He made a design with a jeweler and together they made a unique pair squared rings made of platinum and Princess cut diamonds. A few weeks prior to the proposal my father asked my grandfather for his daughter's hand in marriage. Finally the day came, and my mother didn’t suspect a thing, she just thought it was a normal gathering with their families. But at the end of the meal my father kneeled down on his knee and asked my mother to marry him. They have been going strong for over a decade now and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Place(s): New York

– CH

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant