In Attire

My object is a kurta. It is a formal Indian attire that my family uses for Diwali(an Indian holiday a.k.a the festival of lights.) Kurtas come in all different colors. My kurta is red but a kurta can come in all different colors. Kutas are also usually beaded.The beads usually make a design that usually looks like tree branches going in every direction. This design gives the outfit a texture and a nice look. The beads on my kurta are a creamy color. The kurtas that I have my grandparents get me from Grenada India.   
   My kurtas are usually only used once a year on Diwali but I did once use them at my aunt's wedding. This makes them even more special when I get to wear them. My grandparents go to india once a year and they always bring me a kurta every time when they come back. I play sports and so does my brother so we don’t always have time to go down to visit them in Champagne Urbana. When we have diwali I always get to see them and my aunt and uncle. That makes my kurtas even more special.

These kurtas remind me that half of my culture is indian. My grandparents worked hard when they were young to get to America. They did not want to forget their culture. When I see my kutas I cannot forget my Indian culture. 

Year: 1970

– ST

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant