Ornate Wristwatch

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

This watch belongs to the wife of a long-time family friend who immigrated here from Mexico. She and her mom came here fleeing the organized crime that had overrun their town, while looking for a better opportunity in the US. They weren't able to bring anything beyond the clothes on their backs, and some cash to help them along the journey. The watch was worn by the mother throughout the passage, until she had to give it up because they ran out of money after arriving in the united states and needed to find a way to persuade the driver to take them from Texas all the way to Nebraska where they had family waiting for them. Disheartening as it was, she gave away this valued possession to get where she needed her daughter and herself to be. Years later,  with mom at home full time unable to work due to severe lupus, her daughter was shopping for summer clothes at goodwill, and by chance looked into the jewelry display and saw this watch, an exact replica of the one her mother gave up years ago. She bought it, and although it doesn't work, they both have kept it as a reminder that everything comes back around in life. 

Place(s): Mexico,

– Jojo Galvan

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant