The Rings

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Ring 1
Ring 1

My objects are two rings that are family heirlooms. Both of them belong to my mom right now, but someday they will belong to me. Let us begin with ring number one. It first belonged to Delores Flanagin, my maternal Great-grandmother. It is made of gold, with an Aquamarine gem. My Great- grandfather got it for her when they were living in Venezuela in the early 50’s after World War Two.
She always wore it on special occasions. Mom said that she would always say to her “That'll be yours someday.” Now it is hers, and SHE wears it on special occasions. My mom says my Great-grandmother was funny, tough, and a hard worker. She was fun to be with. If she was still alive I would ask her if the ring was her favorite piece of jewelry and if living in Venezuela after World War Two was difficult.

Ring number two’s story is a bit different. It is made out of gold and Diamonds. The stones on it have passed down from Mother to Daughter, from ring to ring. The first owner of the small stones name was Florence Cooper Samuel, My Great-Great Grandmother, and then they went to my Great-Grandmother, Rosalind Samuel Phillips who was my Grandfather’s Mother and my Nana.The bigger stone was hers and she added it to the ring. When she passed away in 2021 the ring went to my mom. She will someday give that ring to me, and maybe I will add a stone to it, and then give it to my child, and the cycle will continue.

Place(s): Venezuela and New York

– AL

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more