Blue Robe

In Attire
 Robe that is worn for comfort at home.
Robe that is worn for comfort at home.

 The blue robe, also what I like to call the preachers robe, has been passed down three generations in my family. One would think it is a preacher’s robe, but it is a regular around the house robe. I like to call it the preachers robe because it reminds me of something a preacher in an African Methodist Episcopal church would wear. Growing up my mother saw her grandmother, who is my great grandmother wear this robe all the time. My mom always said the robe was very warm and represented a safe place for her. When my great grandmother died, the robe was passed down to my aunt, who helped raise my mother. As time went on, my aunt gave the blue robe to my mom. Growing up I have seen my mom wear this robe all the time and I related to the safe place my mom felt when her grandmother wore it. The robe is filled with many memories from childhood, and relationships with one family member that has passed; that is why it is a safe place for me. It makes me feel like I am connected to my great grandmother, although she is deceased. Some families pass down things like jewelry to remind them of a special time or person in life. With that being said, the blue robe will always remind me to keep special mementos around that remind me of loved ones who have passed, especially my great grandmother. Keeping family memories alive. 

– Tashauna Mack

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant