Life Changing Scar

The following image can be graphic
The following image can be graphic

Having a scar usually means you have been through a traumatic experience. Some people are affected by it for the rest of their lives. I, fortunately, am not one of those people. The scar that I have, I look at it as a positive thing. I know it was very stressful recovering, but I did it, and I feel happy that I went through that. The doctors told me if it would have been 3 more inches to the left I never would’ve walked again. Yes, this scar prevents me from ever playing football seriously again, but it also reminds me that if I can go through that, then I can get through anything and survive. I remember the day visually, from getting out of school and looking down the steps at all the kids throwing snowballs to students having a good time; the next thing I remember is me realizing that I had fallen down the steps. The laughter of the parents and students made me embarrassed. I got up worried and took off walking home, and halfway home being picked up by my aunt, she realizes my pants are bloody. She is curious as to why and lifts my pant leg up. The visual memory of my leg being in half with my bone looking lonely as the tissue is not covering it anymore was a sight to see. Every time I closed my eyes I could picture my leg and the scary sight. Fast forward, there was an investigation as to what happened and what actually split my leg open. They found out that there was a gate that surrounded the walkway that had been removed, all but the metal rebar that was there. That's what I fell on.   

Place(s): Ohio
Year: 2016

– Tyler Harp

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