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Iroquois Flag stock image
Iroquois Flag stock image

Immigrating to the United States was not really a thing my family did. In terms of getting to America, Richard Warren of the Mayflower was one of the newest of my family members to immigrate that we know of. My last name comes from Northern England, but any ancestors prior to my great-grandfather Parkinson were a mystery. My great-grandfather Parkinson didn't want to talk about him or his family much. All he had to say about the family who came before him was that they were "outlaws," and the lack of birth records suggests it was probably so. Nevertheless, the last name is rich in history, and each part of the crest, from the embroidered design, shield color, adornments, and the metals its made out of signify something of our family. It is known that both my mother and fathers side descend from Richard Warren, and specifically split off with one of his great-grandchildren, Caleb Church.
On my mother's side of my family, say for the Randal's going back to Caleb Church, my family never really immigrated to America. My biological grandfather, Bob, who is estranged from our family, is second-generation Mohawk Indian. Bob's side of the family traces their roots all the way back to the Bering Strait. The Mohawk were a part of the Iroquois Nation, and were the Keepers of the Eastern Door. The Mohawk were a large part of New York, west of the Hudson. Above pictured is my great-grandpa Kirby in his headdress and the Iroquois flag. I know neither side really told a story of immigration or migration, as really the furthest my family moved was from NY to Mass, other than the Mayflower.

Place(s): Plymouth MA.
Year: 1620

– BP

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