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Three Kings Day
Three Kings Day

My mother and my father remember the best days of their childhood celebrating the three kings day. The Three Kings Day was a day to celebrate, the day Jesus was given gifts on the day of his birth by the three kings. Because of this many Dominican families would have January 6 off to bring gifts to their children. This was important for children because this was the only time other than your birthday and Christmas that they could gain gifts,. Even with their little money my family and Most Dominican families still tried to bring gifts to their children. That's where my Father's story began, it was January 6, 1982, he only wanted one thing. A toy gun. He and his sister both begged there father for their gifts, he responds by saying “ we only have enough money for food” So my father made one of the worst decisions in his childhood life. He said we won't be hungry trust us. So my grandfather went to the store and bought the toy gun. My father played for hours, but when he got home for dinner time he and his sisters didn't have a plate on the table. They looked around and saw their father, they asked if they could get food. My grandfather turned around and said, “Go eat that gun!” and walked away. My father was laughing and hungry. But even with the agreement, my grandfather gave my father he still gave his food for them at night. Even with the problem with money my family and many other Dominicans family alike give to make their families happy.

Place(s): The Dominican Republic

– David Moreno

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