The Frame

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Frame, hand-made out of cow skin
Frame, hand-made out of cow skin

This is a frame that means a lot to me and my families culture.Its a frame made from wood.Inside has real gold and there is a piece of blanket on the’s made from a country called niger.My grandma gave it to my dad as a wedding gift.A special occasion is when people get married they put  a piece of a blanket around them and they people take pictures.The frame connects to our tradition and culture because most africans have it.This frame is meaningful to me and my family because it shows what niger is and the tradition.This frame is a very important part of my family in my father's words because “this frame has a lot of meaning behind this, about niger and i had it for 15 years”.My family parents have it and my past generations.The frame also reminds you of africa and how people live.It means alot to my family and the stuff inside are things you will see in niger.The frame is traditional to my family.There are alot of different frames.Some are small,some are big,some have the niger flag,some don't etc.the frame is made from a person that  craft things and hand made things for people.This frame is significant to me and my family because if it's stolen,break, my parents will be upset.The frame is made   out of cows skin and more animals skin.

Place(s): Niger
Year: 1950

– LS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant