The Chinese Paper Cut

Relationship: Im/migrant

This paper cut we bought after Spring Festival in China. The cute little panda was holding a bamboo and smiled. Our family always got paper cuts when it is Spring Festival. Paper cuts are part of my family’s culture. 

When we got this Chinese paper cut was the time when my mom was ready to be a visiting scholar, ready to take me to America. Our family just went back from where my grandma lives. We usually buy some paper cuts for my grandparents. They own a store. They think having good paper cuts can let their store going better. My mom thought that paper cut will be a good gift. We went to a Chinese paper cut store and bought the two that mean the most in our culture: panda and bamboo. One of them we turned it to a gift, another one we put it for a decoration. I love how the little panda is always so happy. It made me had one of my dream, to become a artist. 

This Chinese paper cut reminds me about Spring Festival, the pretty fireworks, my grandparent’s smile, grandparent's little garden, delicious Chinese food, my family, our family culture. This represent China’s history, culture, the most important thing is, the precious friendship across country to country. 

Place(s): China
Year: 2016

– Z

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant