The Blue Bird

In Fun

The object that I have picked out is a Christmas tree ornament of a blue bird. It's my moms, and was given to her by her grandmother. She calls it "the bluebird" or just "bird". I believe this object fits under the fun category because every Christmas we always get to hang up the bluebird on the Christmas tree, and to my family it represents joy. It’s a small ornament, around the size of a golf ball and is made of light blue glittery plastic. The blue bird came from my great great grandmother's house, it was given to my mom by her grandmother after she got married. This bird has always been a part of our Christmas tradition, and is very important to my mom. It's so important to me because of all its been through, being passed through four generations and it has been a part of our family for a long time. My mom has other ornaments from my grandmother, but this one is her favorite.  

Place(s): Tulsa, Oklahoma

– Claire Guthery

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