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A jar of sand from the beach at my house
A jar of sand from the beach at my house

 This jar of sand contains memories of my family from the past decades. This jar was given to me by my mother right before I left for college. The sand is from the beach where I grew up in my neighborhood. The memories my family and I had on the beach are some I could never forget. From walking our dog, to kayaking, to building sandcastles, this beach means so much to my family. We could not imagine growing up anywhere else. This beach was a place where my entire family could bond and get together for any occasion. My family is Irish, and Irish families value their close relationships with their family, including their extended family and cousins. My family has always been super close, and I think this sand symbolizes that. On this beach we held many family dinners and bonfires where all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents would come and spend time together. My family has Sunday dinners every week where all my close relatives get together when they can and share a meal together. In the summers, sometimes these dinners were held on the beach. We have had many family pictures taken on this beach with all my cousins and family members. The sand may not seem like a lot, but I like to look at the jar and think that each speck of sand in it represents a memory or moment my family has shared. I have loved being able to honor our Irish heritage by maintaining the Irish family values over the years and hope to continue the traditions with my future family. 



Place(s): Annapolis, MD

– Kylie Sands

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