The Bible

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Bible
The Bible

My object is the Bible. The Bible is a big part my culture Mexico is filled with Christians. My Bible is from Mexico and it was my grandmother’s Bible then she gave it to my dad. The Bible is made out of paper, string and I think that the cover is made out of cardboard.The Bible is used for reading or finding out more about God. My family really doesn't use the Bible just for decoration so it basically means it just for show.
The reason I chose this item is because it is part of my culture and it is part of my family as well.     What the Bible teaches about my culture it saying that my family is Christian both my parents are from Mexico they brought some traditions with them like el rosca de reyes which, is a bread that has gummy like things on it. The bread itself is good  but it's better with the fruit paste  but i don't like it. Well enough about this and let continue.

 Some questions or to be exact 5 questions I have for my grandparents is:
1) When did they get the bible or was it passed down to them? 
2) Is there anything specific  you like about the Bible?  
3) I was wondering how old the Bible was when it was made? 
4) How long have you had the Bible?
5) Is there any reason why you decided to give the bible to my father?

Place(s): Mexico

– J

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant