Candle Sticks

This is the candle sticks I made
This is the candle sticks I made

These are candle sticks that I made in Hebrew school when I was in the 4th grade. I went to Hebrew school for many years of my life so, these candles also represent my time there. When I celebrate jewish holidays my family uses them and lights them. We use them on Fridays for Shabbat. I do not celebrate shabbat every Friday but if I do, it is very cool to see my family using the candles I made. Shabbat is a jewish holiday that you celebrate on Friday and Saturday where you have a day of rest. They are meaningful to me because it is cool to use something that I made and I worked very hard on them. When we light them the colors at the bottom look very pretty. I use them during Shabbat with my family and also on many other jewish holidays. I hope that others will continue on to use the candles I made!

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