How is it that this horn has such a deep and profound meaning in Judaism? Why is it that something that is so mundane have a tremendous impact on how Jews view Judaism? The answer to these questions lies beneath the horn itself, and is embedded into the sound of the horn. Jews have an obligation to listen to the blowing of the shofar twice a year- once on Yom Kipur, and once on Rosh Hashanah. These holidays fall in the beginning of the Jewish new year. The sounds of the horn symbolize a renewal. It symbolizes the fact that this is a new year and that we should strive to become a better person. It is customary to think and ponder of all the wrongdoings one has done throughout the year, and to repent for what they have done. Many people think that a sound of a horn is noting special, and nothing worth noting. But to the Jewish people, this signifies something much more than sound. It signifies a rebirth, and the coming of a new and hopefully a successful year.

Year: 1995

– O.Dayan

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