The Bible

A bible given to me by my mother.
A bible given to me by my mother.

When I was little my mother would read various stories from various books to me. Novels, short-stories and picture books filled with tales of romance, adventure, and thrills filled my imagination as she read. Even though my mother read me a countless number of books, there was one book she would read that stood out more than the rest: The Bible. She would tell me stories from the Bible that were filled with topics from other stories and more. It had romance, adventure, and excitement, but it also had stories filled with despair, sadness, evil, and wrongdoings. And as she read, she would tell me how the book was full of life and how every word read or spoken from it contained so much power within it. It made me believe that the book was alive and that the people within it and their stories were real and I began to love the book.     It wasn't quite a shock that I would love the bible. My family has always been spiritual; Since before my great granddaddy and after him. We all read our bibles and believe in praying daily. So, when I got my own bible for the first time, I continued what my family had started: Loving our God, Jehovah. And I'm loving every minute of it. 

Year: 2012

– Shekinah Green

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