Since I was younger, I grew up with family being Catholic. I didn’t really understand what was the real meaning for being Catholic, other than just believing in God. There is so much more than just believing in God. For 15 years, I was lost with my religion and life, until I got a boyfriend. His mother taught me that God is so important to my life, and still is teaching me. For my 16 birthday, she gave me a Catholic Bible. I was so excited and happy that I got my first bible. Each day, I feel and know that I am getting closer to God by just reading the bible, praying every day, going to church, and being devoted to him.  God is slow to anger, rich in kindness, loving, and forgiving. God’s love flows through him. Being Catholic reminds me of his ultimate goodness and sovereignty in every stage of my life. He wants us to rejoice today, and refuse to worry about tomorrow. 

– Andrea

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