Omega Seamaster Watch

CRACK! That was the sound my great-grandfather Phil’s jaw breaking against the cold, hard, damp steel of a World War II tank. That was the injury that saved him from a most brutal death at the infamous Battle of the Bulge. This watch, the Omega Seamaster, was on his wrist during this life saving injury. I didn’t know my great-grandfather for very long, but every time I was in his presence I always remember seeing this beautiful, unique, and very expensive watch on his left wrist. When he passed away in 2012, at the ripe age of 93, he gave this watch to my father and I, preserving his memory. The passing down of this watch is something that I wish to continue to my children. This watch is of astronomical importance to me, because it reminds me of the hardships that my people endured. Six million Jews perished during World War II, and as a Jewish man himself, my great-grandfather thought it was his obligation to help destroy the Nazi Party. My Jewish heritage is an important part of my life, as this piece of history helps to form my Jewish identity. His bravery, courage, and pure of heart is something that I admire every day. It reminds me of how lucky I am, and the sacrifices that people like my great-grandfather made to ensure the safety of millions of people. Every time I put on that watch I feel pride, happiness, and thankfulness that the actions of my ancestors had an impact on the world and contributed to the saving and continuance of the Jewish religion.

Year: 1919

– Alex Bock

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