Bag with notebooks

The story begins with my mother, a strong woman of the family with this bag full of notebooks help her to learned English as an immigrant. On November 19, 2002, she leaves Sudan to come to the United States "My husband is here, so I decided to come.” However, she was not familiar with the English language. She has four kids and nobody was there to helps her. Back home it’s was very easy since she lives in the middle of the family. Therefore, she decided to stay home with my sibling. After years, staying home and participating in her Sudanese community, helps her to meet Wynn in 2005. Wynn worked in Darfur Association to teach Sudanese women English and the American history. It all changed when Wynn teaches her English in Starbuck and library. Also, my mother used to practice English through a radio cassette player and cartoon channel. One of her favorite books was “Harriet Tubman", a black African conductor during slavery she traveled by feet knowns as the underground railroad. After that, her English has improved and Wynn helps her to obtained the American citizenship. Now, she studies medical assistance and working in Senior Central. Finally, Wynn becomes our grandmother. Sometimes my mother helps my siblings with their homework. This object represents her struggling to learned English also, the strong relationship with Wynn. As a result, She keeps this bag full of notebooks, in my shining cupboard bedroom as her memories of learning English.

Year: 2016

– Fatna Haroun

Relationship:  unknown unknown