Teacher ID badge

teacher ID badge
teacher ID badge

For my object I choose my moms ID badge for work. My mom is a teacher, as are many of the people in my family. Both of my mom's parents, my dad's mom, my mom, my aunt, and 5 of my second cousins are all teachers. They all teach different subjects whether it's math, PE, health, or even special education they are all sharing the knowledge of something they love to others. I asked my mom why she chose to be a Health teacher and she said that she "wanted to teach kids to lead a healthy lifestyle not only physically but mentally as well." I asked my grandfather why he choose to teach special education and he said that "growing up he had ADHD and other things and that no teacher was really patient with him or took the time to understand what was going on in his mind, so he wanted to be able to be that teacher, to be able to understand and guide these kids who needs just a little bit more help and patience than others." So teaching is a very big thing in my family, everyone does it to not only to teach kids but be there for them and help them in ways that their teachers didn't.

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– victoriaheim

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