The ancient clock

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In the interior of the clock it says the date, 1868.
In the interior of the clock it says the date, 1868.

This clock from 1868 has been passed down from each generation in my dads family. The last person to have it was my grandfather named Dave Luessenhop who lived in Newtown Connecticut. The clock was passed down from great grand father named Alfred j Luessenhop who collected many valuable grandfather clocks. When my parents got married in 1996, my grandfather wanted to give them the clock as a gift for there new home. It needed to be repaired, but we needed someone who worked on clocks made during that time period. My grandfathers sister, Ant Catthey and her husband uncle bill have a summer home in Nantucket, where they have a clock shop that repairs antique clocks, where the clock took many days being repaired. Finally they shipped the clock from Newton Connecticut to Hyannis Port and took the High Line Ferry to Nantucket. Once it was in Hyannis port. It was finely shipped to Tulsa, and till this day, it is in almost perfect condition.

Place(s): Newtown Connecticut

– Ford Luessenhop

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more