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it's a traditional game
it's a traditional game

The spinning top is a wooden toy with a metal tip and a thread or rope is wound from the tip. After all the thread has been wound, the top is thrown with force and technique to make it spin and spin.It all started when I was 7 years old, many children played near my house, one day I went out to see how they played, some children invited me to play, but sadly at that time I did not have it, so I returned home, the next day when I returned from school my father told me to finish the homework that they had sent me from school and after that he would give me a gift, so I started to do it in a hurry, after finishing my father gave me a little yellow box, when I opened it to surprise it was a wooden top, I was so happy because I was already able to play with the children who invited me the day before, this toy is very important to me because thanks to it I met many children and we became friends and we shared many happy moments of my childhood together with them

Place(s): Brooklyn
Year: 2021

– S.J.forSJ

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