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Trout flies
Trout flies

  Every summer, my family and I go on our yearly camping trip. During this trip life becomes so serene and unimaginably beautiful. It's the type of trip that makes me spend my entire year in anticipation for it. On these trips, we make amazing meals on the fire, sleep in our hammocks right next to the running water, and wake up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast before making our formidable trek through the wilderness and up the stream for us to spend our whole day fishing our way back to our homey campsite. The air in the places we camp, usually located within the many beautiful protected state forests, is crisp and clean. He puts so much effort into making these trips amazing and he never fails to satisfy. Growing up, my dad has always told stories of growing up fishing with his dad and really, that's why he enjoys sharing it with my sister and I so much. It really brings us together and that's really important to me. Fly fishing has been a part of my family starting with my dad's dad or my grandpa. He grew up fishing as did all known male ancestors on my dad's paternal side. But my grandpa really learned how to fly fish from a close family friend and as my uncles got older, he taught all 3 sons how to fly fish. Not only do these fishing trips make me feel really in touch with my family, but I really enjoy fly fishing, being in nature, and being able to live in the rough luxury of our campsite. 

Place(s): California

– Casey Franquelin

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant