Golf Ball Marker

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This is the ball marker in the story.
This is the ball marker in the story.

Standing on the first tee of a golf tournament is always a nerve wracking experience. Your name is announced, and everyone is standing there watching you. An object that gives me confidence in those situations is my special ball marker, given to me by my grandfather. This ball marker is engraved with my initials R.G.A. My first name, which I share with my grandfather, has a special story behind it. When my great great grandfather fought in World War I, he was gassed in combat and saved by a man named Roy. My great great grandfather then promised Roy that he would name his first son after him. The name has been in my family ever since. I like knowing where my name came from rather than it having been a random choice, because it makes me feel more connected to my past and my ancestors. The ball marker represents the importance of my name to me and all of the time I have shared with my grandfather. 

Place(s): Concord, New Hampshire

– Roy Annis

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