Tenor Drum Practice Pad

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My Tenor Practice pad.
My Tenor Practice pad.

My Tenor drum practice pad represents how everyone moves on at some point in their life, and my dad's legacy as a drummer. This represents my family's cultural identity because we have all had something to do in the past or now with music. My mom played the piano when she was younger, my sister plays the saxophone, and both my dad and I are drummers. All of us use it as a tool to fill our lives and give us something important to focus on every day. This practice pad is especially important knowing that it came from my dad, who wants me to follow in his path and do better than he ever could. I used to use this pad every day to practice for my dream, but once I came to high school I moved to a new drum and I no longer had a use for the tenor pad. Since I did not use it, I hung the pad on my wall so I could remind myself where I came from. This is unique because it symbolizes how not everyone stays on the same thing for forever. People move on and things change, and you have to be able to accustom and adapt to a new environment or situation no matter the circumstances.  

– Ethan Fox

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