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Nintendo64/ super smash bros cartridge
Nintendo64/ super smash bros cartridge

    In the suburbs of California on a hot summer day of september 29, 1996 My mom who was 9 year old at the time and her 6 siblings bought the nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 is a game console released by Nintendo in 1996 and its first console that was manufactured for 3D graphics. Since this game console had 3D graphics it became incredibly in-demand and popular among kids. As a result the next day My mom and her siblings went to school and told their friends about their new game. By the end of the school day almost all the kids at school heard about My mother and her siblings possession of the new game. My Mother told me “Unexpectedly my teacher stopped my brother and I after school and told us she heard that that we had the Nintendo 64. She asked us to please bring it in the next day”. So the next day my mother brought in their game to school and her teacher told them that they can play in the auditorium with their classmates. As time passed my mother grew older and even moved to Yemen and left the Nintendo there never to be seen a span of 11 years. That is until her brother sent it to us from yemen. I never thought that this game meant anything important to my mom but she said “Honestly this game was one of the many things I treasured as a child and now since we built up so many memories and continue to since you and your brother still to play with it”. As new games and devices come out the past ones popularity fade away but in our home the craze over the Nintendo 64 will never die down.

Place(s): California
Year: 1968

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