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My Ukulele
My Ukulele

Throughout my life, culture and tradition has always been a huge part of my life when it comes to family, one especially being the music and instruments used to express it. Which here in my family the guitar or just many stringed instruments are favored the most among my relatives when it comes to entertainment in events, celebrations and more. I remember my first time going to the states just to live in Seattle with relatives. Which unfortunately only lasted a year before my parents decided they were tired of the environment and went back to the philippines. But even during that short span I remembered times where my family got together with a guitar sand and joked. Those times kind of sparked my love for music. After this we finally just settled down in New York. Though we do visit the Philippines(the country I am from)once and a while. I wanted to see what the schools were like, so I decided to move there to stay with my aunt, though that also only lasted a year before I wanted to move back. Though moving back I took something close to me with me. A ukulele I had gotten from my uncle. I still treasure that ukulele to this day and take it with me everywhere I travel for long periods of time.

Place(s): New York, Seattle, Pampanga
Year: 2008

– AJ

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child