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My game closet
My game closet

Everybody in my family has different interests, but one of the few things that connects us all is our love for playing card and board games. The huge white closet in my room holds nearly all of my family's games, and I have had it since I was very little. We have over 30 games in this closet, and it is sorted out somewhat neatly. On the top are big games like my big chess board. In the middle are the pretty big games, such as Yahtzee and Scrabble. One the bottom are small games such as decks of cards. Especially in the last year or two, this closet has become more and more full because of all of the new games that we have come across. In addition to all the games, the space on top of the shelf is used as storage for other entertainment like remote control helicopters and stuff. I don't even know when I got this game closet because of how long I've had it. From my very earliest memories of my apartment and by room, I always remember this game closet and all of the fun my family and I have had from the games inside it.

Place(s): New York

– Davy Vaysman

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