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When my mom came to the United States in 1976 from Ghana, she brought this board game with her. This game is called Oware and is very popular with younger children. It is similar to Mancala in the sense there are two competitors trying to get the most marbles; however, in Oware, you can only take these marbles if there are 4 marbles in one pit. When my mom arrived to New Jersey, she had to learn new customs and traditions. A lot changed for her during her first few years, but she was able to keep the balance between the old and new by playing this game with her new American friends. It reminded her of her childhood in Ghana and kept her connected to her past. When she had my sisters and me, she also taught this game to us. However, rather than using seeds or pebbles, we use bright colored marbles. To this day, I still play Oware with my mom. Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I am more connected with this American culture compared to Ghanian culture. However, when I play the same game that my mom and her parents used to play, I appreciate the Ghanian culture and the immigration experiences my mom went through to bring this culture to my home.

Year: 1976

– Christina

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