Tandir Bread

Relationship: Im/migrant

In Uzbekistan we have a national bread which is called “Tandir non”. Our national bread is very specific and doesn’t have similar taste and smell to any other bread. It bread is round and smells tastes like between cake and baked bread. Many chefs from our country tried to make the same tasting and smelling bread in other places of the world, but they couldn’t. People from the former Soviet Union countries call our country “country of bread” because in big crisis we fed most part of union with bread. We never throw bread to garbage because we had a famine time when for one person, the government gave only one piece of bread, which was like the site of your half of hand.Bread in Uzbekistan is included in cultures traditions. We always go to visit our family members with couple pieces of bread. Because we celebrate all holidays and events with just baked, fresh bread, it reminds me of my country. Sometimes in the morning I remember, how I went to buy fresh bread from the bakery every day for breakfast. In childhood when we didn’t want to go home until it will be dark outside, so we just bought Tandir bread from bakery to don’t be hungry. Sometimes I miss to eat just baked bread with hot tea and sour cream for breakfast. I’m always trying to tell to someone who comes from our country to take for me few pieces of bread. It’s like small part of thing which always will remind me of my country.

Year: 2013

– Farrukh Khodjiakhmetov

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant