Relationship: Im/migrant

My favorite Mexican meal is Tamales. Tamales is the type of food that some Mexicans I know love to eat. It’s a mixture that consists of a whole bunch of ingredients. It takes a lot of work to prepare Tamales. It also takes a long time to cook. To make Tamales you need at least 3 hours to prepare and cook them. Then you’ll be able to eat and enjoy them. Tamales are made from a variety of things. For example, the ingredients include: corn, masa, Mexican butter, salt, banana leaves, etc... You can make sweet ones too by making a separate batch and adding sugar. You also use a pink kind of powder if you want to make it a little fun. As for the Tamales that salt is added to, you can add cheese, chicken, or whatever you would like. Lastly, as for how they’re used, you don’t use them you eat and enjoy them. Eating Tamales is a tradition that dates back to Mesoamerica. This tradition is strong today. The person that introduced me to Tamales is my mother. The only time my mom and I make Tamales is when there is a birthday or if there is a holiday. Making Tamales with my mom is very important to me because it reminds me of the many Mexican foods there are and some that I have never tasted before. Also eating Tamales gives me a sense of my family’s Mexican Heritage.

Year: 1990

– Anain R.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant