Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My artifact is a Molcajete, and it is used for making salsa, smashing tomatoes and making guacamole. It’s made out of volcanic stone, my mom uses it to make Mexican food a lot. We also use it to serve the guacamole and salsa when we have company. . I was given a mini molcajete when I was like five. It’s important to us because it’s a tradition to our family.You can’t get more Mexican than a molcajete. My little sister has her own mini molcajete, she likes to pretend to cook her own traditional foods alongside my mother.  In Mexico my grandmother has a bunch of molcajetes even tho I’ve never went to Mexico but that’s what my mom told me. My mom said that my molcajete cost $30.00 and my sisters cost $20.00. Every time I see my molcajete I feel like it’s important to my childhood. I just recently had a thought, maybe that mini molcajete was not just a toy to play with. Maybe it was to remind me even when I was little that my family is Mexican.                                                      

Place(s): Mexico

– JC

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant