Stove with pots on top
Stove with pots on top

    We all need food to survive, right? But food is also enjoyable. Something that can make you smile after taking a bite. A gift. Something that could show gratitude. Something that could save someone. To cook it properly in many places, a stove is a necessity. Cooking is really popular within my family. I personally have a preference for baking, but I still get support when I do. Whether it’s arroz con pollo at my grandma’s or pasta at my house,food is a gift and a need. At times we’ll cook together and listen to music looking forward to the outcome. It usually ends with sitting at the table eating and talking about our day or something. It feels like a reward after a long day. Even when I’m baking alone with music, I still find some enjoyment in it.

Place(s): New York

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