This store symbolizes my mom and my dad's hard work and dedication. My mom came from the capital of Mexico in the 80’s illegally because her parents wanted her to have a better life. My dad on the other hand came to the United States in the 80’s because he was in need of work. A year after my parents got married they decided to open a store where they would sell toys and baby clothes. This store means a lot to me because I considered it being my home. I say this because I spent 13 years of my life in that store. Every day after school I would head to the store and my parents would feed me, I would do my homework, and I would spend most of my day there. When my parents first opened up the store many people had their doubts. People would tell my parents that the store wouldn't be successful and that they wouldn't be able to provide for their family. I am grateful for both of my parents hard labor because there work has gotten us to where we are today. My brother is the only person from my dad's side that has graduated from high school and who is going to graduate from college in two years.

Year: 1995

– Francisco R.

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