My Roots

Relationship: Im/migrant
A Christmas Picture for my Grandmother
A Christmas Picture for my Grandmother

Where I'm From

I am from hairless dolls
from beads bracelet and petite Girl's make up
I am from happiness and fun and play with my cousin and friends
I am from mango trees whose are a symbol of love, wealth, fertility,
and even immortality
I am from camera and microphone
from Damelus and Joseph
I am from family meeting and the pool and from of family dinner every Sunday
from go to the church
I am from Psalms 62:1 In my God alone my soul is stilled; my salvation comes from Him
I am from Marc and Nicole 
from black rice with chicken and Bouyon
from the police grandfather
and from the eyes my grandmother shut to keep her sight
I am from puzzle 
I am from those moments warm loving 
and above all protective, brave family and family meeting. 

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 2022

– T

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant