Stanley & George

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
George (left) and Stanley (right)
George (left) and Stanley (right)

My father from an early age learned what bullying was all about. 
This photo is of my dad, Stanley with his best friend George who was born with a deformed leg. He needed a crutch to walk. Many of their classmates would tease him, try to grab his crutch, call him names and just be mean to him. George was picked on for just being different!!  My dad stuck up for his friend and did everything he could to stop the bullying. This all happened in his grade school in Oradea, Romania. They we both just 10 years old. Stanley in his later years would teach young people not to be a bully. His mantra was 1) Never give up, 2) I’m not better than anyone, just different and 3) Believe in yourself. During deportation to the concentration camps they were separated. My dad never saw him again.  Stanley immigrated to the US a year after the liberation and eventually settled in Cleveland. 

Place(s): Oradea, Romania
Year: 1945

– Vera

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant