My Grandfather's Old Clock


I have a old clock that is very old. It’s color is black. The clock is made out of glass and plastic. The clock was bought somewhere near my house. My grandfather bought it over 47 years ago! The shape of the clock is a square. The size of my clock is 9 inches squared.The clock was made in 1970. It tells you what day of the week it is. Also , it tells the temperature, the date, and what month it is. It doesn’t tell you the year. It tells you the Fahrenheit temperature. It has a “0” under the clock where it says the temperature. Next to the time it shows you the am or pm time of the day. The clock is a digital clock. It has a ‘F for the word Fahrenheit degrees. It doesn’t tell you the temperature in Celsius. It needs to have two batteries placed in the back of it. This clock is almost 50 years old and it still works! One day it will be given to me to keep for me and my children to use. This clock is important to my grandpa because he has used it for many years. 

Place(s): China

– Henry Z.

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant