My Valuable Chain

Relationship: Im/migrant

In the life we all have a few things, which are important for us. I have a chain that has a lot of value for me. My chain symbolizes a memory of my brother. This object looks like a plain silver chain. The day I left Dara to come to the United States, I got this object from my brother in the doorway of my home. It was Monday, September 11, 2018. On this day, he gave me this chain, and he told me no one knows the day we will see each other again. 

This chain reminds me of the good times my brother and I spent together, so this object is important to me. My chain reminds me a lot about him and how he loves me. He gave it to me to remind me of him, and don't forget who I am. His name is Hamidou Ly, and he is very intelligent and a really good guy. Sometimes people ask me to remove it. I always take the chain every day, so I can remember where I come from.

Place(s): Dara,Senegal
Year: 2018

– Youssouf Niang

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant