Relationship: Im/migrant
It is a diary.
It is a diary.

 My object is a diary. It was made in South Korea where I come from. I got the diary from my parents in my 2017 birthday. The diary was one of my most precious birthday presents. In the diary, there is a calendar, agenda, and a place where we can write things down. When my parents gave me this diary they told me to write all the things down weather it was good or bad. So, when I felt happy or sad, I always went to the diary and wrote all about it.  This diary means to me in a lot of ways. In my house when I was bored, this diary was always my friend. Reading the all journals I wrote a long time ago was fun and exciting. This diary meant a lot to my family too. My parents liked that I was writing the happy and sad things in the diary. They said that this could be my history in the future too. This is the reason why the diary is so important for my family and me. I also like that, in this diary I can plan my school, adult, and future life. 

Place(s): South Korea
Year: 2017

– Y-su

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant