Track Racers

Have you ever ran a track race? It may not seem very hard, but there are many factors to consider if you would want optimal performance. These are my track racing shoes. Rather than used for training, they are used strictly for races. Reason that they can’t be used for training is that all racing shoes wear down and lose traction in their spikes quickly if used often. Furthermore, they also can cause feet to hurt if used too often. Another important aspect of these racing shoes is that they are also designed for distance races, which means they are usually used for any race that is eight-hundred meters or higher. As a result, they are usually more flat than sprinting shoes. Originally, I purchased them during the first week of winter track season at practice, sophomore year. The shoes were being sold by a friend of the track coach who sells track shoes for a reduced price. To sum everything up, I connect these to track and cross country in general, but mostly the races at track/cross country meets against other schools. Also, it connects to the part of me that is a runner. Again, they aid in improving my speed and balance in races and add traction. Simply put, they signify to me my improvement and progress on track and cross country.

Year: 2015

– Christopher B.

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