Sprinkle cookies

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My Italian great grandmother’s sprinkle cookies

 Our family has a traditional cookie that originated in my great grandmother’s family, around the year 1920. The cookie recipe traveled with my great grandmother and her daughter(my grandmother) when they immigrated to the United states. It's been through steerage, Ellis Island, and it made its way all the way to Ossining, New York, in 1956. It was passed down to my mother, who has shared this tradition and delicacy with all of her children. It is a circular, soft, sweet vanilla, semithick cookie, topped with a colorful arrangement of sprinkles. When my great grandmother made this cookie in Italy, it was topped with a candied cherry, which was adapted to rainbow sprinkles when she came to the United states. It is a traditional treat that we look forward to enjoying in the holiday season every year. When the recipe was in Italy, it was a very rare, and occasional treat, because some of the ingredients were not regularly available. Italy is a land well known for its exceptional treats, so we are very fortunate to have one of them in our life. It is one of my favorite treats, reflecting my family’s origins, and their culture. It's a gift to be able to reminisce and remember one’s roots, and this desert is a pathway to doing so

Place(s): Italy
Year: 1956

– H.S

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